Characteristics Of A Healthy Functioning Family

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In my opinion, there are more than five characteristics that make a healthy functioning family. The few that I can think of are: good communication, talking about everyone’s day during dinner (no cell phones was/ is our rule), unconditional love, giving our children attention and giving our spouses attention, trust, respect and understanding. I also think that spending quality time together is important as well as showing each other appreciation and showing one’s children the meaning of responsibility.
As we read in our book, it is expected, that the families with children will produce "public goods", that those children will grow up to be good citizens who will do great things for the world. That they will be children who pay taxes and vote. These children can be members of the private and or public family. A single mother can provide all the characteristics I mentioned above which can make her family a healthy functioning family. Two people of the same sex can also have a healthy functioning family. In our society today, we see the different types of families, families might be more differently structured today than they were years ago when families followed more of a "norm". But what is "norm" today?
It would be wonderful if all families were healthy functioning families but even if they all have some or all the characteristics to be functioning, it is not always the case. I have an aunt that lives in Riverside CA. She remarried when her son was a young boy and she

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