Characteristics Of Agra Crafts

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The rich and colourful heritage of India displays a wide variety of Arts and Crafts with beautiful shapes and textures also with variety of embellishments. Agra, the city of magnificent ‘Taj Mahal’ has long been the centre of excellent handicrafts flourished under the patronage of Royal guidance. Craftsmen of Agra maintained that kingly legacy and continue to develop creative artefacts and attained worldwide recognition for their aesthetic and creative artistic skills. They are sincere and simple people still trying to produce products with same depth of quality and same virtue of designs as their forefathers used to do.
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According to Kamaladevi (1975, p. 1) handicrafts are in close knit with human relationship. They are more ingenious than the language. In her words
“The growth of handicraft in society was the sign of the cultivation of sensibility and the string and mellowing of humanism.”
As specified by Mahavir Jha (1979) in his book Agra and Fatehpur Sikri that the skilled artisans of Agra are still creating exclusive and distinctive products as they used to produce decades ago. The woollen and cotton carpets of Agra are famous for their multiple coloured designs.

Oxford dictionary describes
Carpet is a thick heavy covering for floor, especially covering the entire surface of the floor.
Durrie is a cotton carpet made in India, often in rectangular pieces fringed at the ends: sometimes used as a sofa cover, wall hanging etc. Dhamija (1970, pp. 36-37) described Durrie as a thick fabric woven with cotton thread, used as a floor covering in India.
Rug: is a floor covering constituting of a piece of heavy fabric, especially one that does not cover the floor’s entire surface.
According to Kamaladevi (1966, p. 2) that there is no written evidence about the origin of Indian carpets, she claims that the Mughal Emperor Akbar brought Persian carpet weavers to India in the 16th century. In his royal workshop weavers were provided all the facilities, appreciation, dignity and also

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