Characteristics Of An Effective Teacher

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When comparing my evaluations of the qualities that produce effective educators from the beginning of this course to what I now believe, it is clear that I have grown in my perceptions of this field and what it takes to be a great teacher. In my Effective Teacher Baseline, I focused mainly on the personal qualities that make an effective teacher, and I did not speak at all about the professional qualities that exist as well. Education 1220 has taught me an enormous amount on the professional traits and characteristics that effective teachers embody, and this is an expansion of my original thoughts on the personal qualities that are found in great educators incorporated with the knowledge I have gained over the course of the semester about the additional personal qualities expressed as well as the professional roles effective teachers take on. Truly effective “superstars” (Stewart) are found in combination of these many qualities, and this course has given me a clear path to follow for my own future success as an educator. Professionalism in teaching is one of the many characteristics that distinguishes a good teacher from a great one; while some educators may not take their job seriously and sadly do not see the significance of their work, others know or at least attempt to understand the deep-rooted complexities of the field of education and specifically the importance of the individual role they play in this system. Teacher professionalism is essential to the integrity
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