Characteristics Of Developing Nation

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Developing Nation
Precious Bowman
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Developing Nation

Key Term and Why I Am Interested In It
I am interested in the term developing nation because it is a broad topic and several countries fall under this term as well as a wide range of other subject matter. The issues surrounding a developing nation are vastly different than those surrounding a developed nation. I am also interested in learning more about the characteristics of a developing nation and the things that developed nations are doing to assist those in developing countries. I am also interested in gaining an understanding of the developing nations’ growth, particularly, in areas of output and trade and what roles are developing nations playing in the world economy.
Explanation of Key Term
A developing nation is described as country that has not fully developed economically. Most citizens of these countries are living below the poverty line and are generally considered to be poor. Developing nations have more population growth than those in developed nations. Most developing nations have lower per capita income than those in developed nations. Developing nations have lower levels of human capita, particularly, as it relates to health and education. Those in developing nations have a shorter life expectancy than those in developed nations. There tends to be a higher student-teacher ratio and often receive a lower quality of education. There is a predominant level of agriculture in

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