Country As A Developing Country

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Honestly, one would think that in todays modern world every country should be developed. However, few realize that there are still many developing countries. Mostly due to ignorance, and the majority doesn’t pay attention to the needs of developing countries. For instance, the only time a person may think of a developing country is when the see the commercials on television, and believes that this must be the only issues facing developing countries. Normally, people visualize those commercials asking for money to feed, or asking for help of some type of medical expenses. Take the United States as an example, and often this country would release funds to foreign aid before their own citizens. Which could easily cause tension amongst the government and the American people. According to, SAE there are about 137 developing countries, and countries that earns on average 11,905 or less are a developing country. There are many different choices when comes to picking a developing country. However, the country of Sierra Leone will be the country up for discussion. Sierra Leone is one example of what the World Bank considers to be a developing country, and it is in West Africa. As well as, the capital, Freetown, was founded as a home for reported former slaves. Currently, Sierra Leone has a population of about 6.1 million citizens, and on average the life span expectancy is 48 years old male, and 49 years old female. However, this country’s most brutal civil war ended in 2002, and
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