Characteristics Of George Washington Leadership

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The time had come for the American colonies to break the chains of bondage from Great Britain. The American colonies needed a commander for the Continental Army that would lead them to independence. George Washington was an experienced and respected leader committed to American independence. His leadership qualities united the colonists and the Continental Army. George Washington was an ideal candidate to command the Continental Army.
George Washington had previous combat command experience in the French and Indian War. As lieutenant colonel of the Virginia Regiment, Washington built the regiment into one of the best trained militias of the time ( ). During the French and Indian War, he learned military tactics and strategies that would profit him immensely in leading the Continental Army. He was the logical choice to lead the Continental Army because of his firsthand military experience. Washington was a remarkable leader. Although he faced several failures and defeats during the French and Indian War, most colonists considered him a hero( ). French and Native American forces ambushed colonial troops on their way to attack Fort Duquesne and George Washington saved the surviving colonial soldiers from disaster by rallying them for a retreat( ). He became recognized in the colonies for his leadership and courageous actions. George Washington possessed an extraordinary high amount of commitment to accomplish a goal. He did not let the defeats he encountered during the
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