Characteristics Of Grunge Rock

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Discussion of Findings
Music has a great power to influence mood. Many people ability link this to the genre of the music. For instance, it is known that classical music is calm and relaxing and heavy metal music creates large amounts of tension and hostility (refer to the grunge rock graph below) . All music pieces in their own genres are not always the same in the way that not all classical music pieces are relaxing. However, most music within a genre is similar and that is why genres exist. Music is put into genres as a way of classifying music according to its components, style and textures. Instead of associating different genres with the moods that they create, it is more appropriate to associate the different components of music and …show more content…

In the graph below we can see that Grunge rock influences the listener by significantly raising their hostility by almost 60 percent and their tension by roughly 50 percent . Characteristics of rock music
Grunge rock has very similar element to rock and metal music as it was inspired by hard-core punk, heavy metal and indie rock. These genres are characterised by heavy drumming, distorted or “dirty” guitars with loud and long solos, dissonant harmonies and complex instrumentation. The combination of these elements will create a lot of tension and hostility. Rock music should be considered as a tool to help the listener stay awake and keep their brain functionality high during times where it wants to naturally lower its self however it can be distracting to certain listeners if important works needs to be completed.
Classical Music
Classical music was one of the first types of music to form from early western music. It evolved from the baroque era and is very melodic. In the graph below we can see that the major significance in classical music is that it decreased tension levels by roughly 10%.

Characteristics of classical

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