Characteristics Of Mahatma Gandhi

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Heroes A hero is more than a man. A hero is more than an idea. A Hero has a purpose. A hero acts. A hero is a person with an idea that gives them purpose. A hero is a person with the courage to stand up for their idea about how the world could and should be. A hero is any person that acts to uphold an idea that gives them purpose. Since a hero acts to uphold an idea, they have courage because courage is the ability to act in accordance with one's beliefs. I argue that heroes also have at least one other beneficial characteristic that guides them on the journey to uphold their beliefs.
Mahatma Gandhi’s additional characteristic was indomitable will because no matter what happened to him he continued to advocate for independence, equality, and peace. Gandhi’s career as a civil rights activist began in South Africa after he was thrown out of a first-class train car and beaten by the white conductor, for refusing to give up his seat when a white man had an issue with him being in the car, even though he had a first-class ticket. After Gandhi’s experience on the train, he began to develop and teach Satyagraha, truth and firmness, Satyagraha is a form of peaceful resistance to protest against a law or behavior. Gandhi and his followers used to this to change the South African government, and eventually to help India gain its independence. Gandhi was murdered on January 30th, 1948, but his legacy inspired other civil rights activists such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson

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