Gandhi 's An Inspirational Figure

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Mohandas Gandhi dedicated his life to improve people’s ability to achieve self worth through freedom. His nickname, Mahatma, means Great Soul, which he solely earned by the influential practices he implemented (History). He always strived for the wellness of others, even if it left him fasting in prison until all violence ceased. All of Gandhi’s sacrifices to free India of British rule lead to his death; however, because he put others before himself, he became an inspirational figure to a great deal of sumptuous leaders in the past, as well as the present (History). Gandhi’s impacts, and philosophies had a positive significance in India, along with the rest of the world. Gandhi planted the seeds of his impacts throughout various countries. It started when he spent twenty-one years in South Africa. Being railed against the injustice of racial segregation opened his eyes to how big of a problem racial bias was. He had proof when he experienced being thrown from a first class train carriage, despite having a valid ticket (History). This made him contemplate about life back in India. Once he returned to India, Gandhi created his practice of non-violent civic disobedience to raise awareness of oppressive practices. This is when he took the lead of the Indian National Congress to reorganize the party’s constitution around the principles of ‘Swaraj’(Scoop Independent News). Those principles meant complete independence from British rule. All of his ways, however, were peaceful.
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