Characteristics Of The Political Culture Of Ontario

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Ontario Political Culture
Ontario is the city which is the heart of Canada. The province is governed by the legislative assembly of Ontario that operates the Westminster system of government. The government of Ontario is formed by the party that wins the majority of seats in the legislature. The party leaders of the ruling party become the premier of the province that means the party leader heads the government. However, Ontario province differs from other provinces in Canada in two main aspects. The first aspect is that Ontario has different scales that reflect their size where they have the largest population than any other province. Secondly, Ontario’s political culture reflects its own historical experience and the evolution of its social, cultural and political institutions. Since these two aspects are related, the essay will aim at identifying the distinctive characteristics of the Ontario political culture, origins, effects and the changes in the political culture of the province.
Political culture in this context of Ontario can be deduced to mean a set of shared beliefs, history, outlooks and sentiments that Ontarians hold over an extended period of time and their political behavior. Political culture can be studied over a long period of time and is oriented to the values and habits of the peoples’ minds. Political culture in Ontario has been gradually changing wit consequences propounding. The changes in the political sector tend to be ideologies, principles, and

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