Characteristics School Based Center And Community Health Center

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Study Type (specific type e.g., cohort, RCT, specific qualitative study, and etc.). Desscritbive study
*Evidence Level (I, II, III, IVA, IVB, VA. VB, VI) C VB
Sample Size 350 Total Students
Setting & Sample
Characteristics School based center and Community health center. The school based center employs one contract school psychologist/licensed professional to provide care to patients/students. There were a total of 350 students across three campus centers. The school clinic and community health-health center and school based center was primarily geared towards Medicaid.
Intervention or issue School district and community health center collaborating together to diagnose mental health problems that influence the students functioning and to start a suitable treatment plan. Treatment plans were developed based on the needs of each student and could have included school counseling, classroom modifications, or behavior modifications.

Length of Follow-up 12 months post
Type of statistical measure(s)
(RR, OR, %, NNT, etc.) or thematic analysis. Descriptive statistics, Percentages, Tables, Regression analysis.
Specific Statistical Results for Outcomes of Interest. Or, the major themes from a qualitative study. Cite pages. There was 73% of male patients of total number of patients. The authors had patients through out elementary (42.7%), middle school, and high school (27.7%). The average age at referral was 11.3 years of age (SD = 3.7% ) with and age…
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