Characters In William Shakespeare's 'The Kite'

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5.After Amir wins the kite flying tournament, Baba treats him like he has become the son he wanted him to be. Amir was determined to win this tournament so he can his father’s respect and attention. He did accomplish this and Baba was so proud of him and Amir was glad of his achievement. He finallygot the attention from his father that he seek for a long time. ‘’Then a smile played on my father’s lips. He opened his arms.’’ (Hosseini 79) He showed true love and affection towards his son. However, this façade of a close father -son relationship came to an end. Amir returned to his love of reading and Baba continued with his in and out the house errands. So the fairy tale lived relationship between Baba and Amir was fake. The kite brought the two together, but only for a short time. That act like the events before the kite running contest did not occur. Even though he finally received his short lived attention from his father, it still makes him unhappy. His father’s happiness does not change the incident that happened in the alleyway. Amir sent Hassan to retrieve the prize blue kite and that what caused the tragedy to happen. The prize blue kite didn’t feel much like a prize after the fake developed happiness vanished. The small lived happiness did not last longer than the guilt trip he had over Hassan. If that incident did not happen, the love he received from his father would have meant more to him.
But after all, winning a kite flying tournament does

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