Characters from Opposite Sides of the World in Two Kinds by Any Tan

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In the story “Two Kinds” by writer Any Tan, we read of a young girl, Jing-Mei, who was raised in Western society by her almost stereotypical Chinese mother. Through her mother’s examples, I can personally relate to Jing-Mei because both my father and mother are from cultures not entirely similar to Western culture. Though my parents are not as strict as Jing-Mei’s, I am able to spot certain similarities in the mentalities that my parents and Jing-Mei’s mother share. However, the ways that Jing-Mei and I personally think are slightly different. In certain areas of our opinions we are also able to agree though. The descriptions given to characters by good writers in their story allows for readers to draw comparison and analyze how related …show more content…

I have observed the same desire in my parents. They have always lightly suggested paths I should take into account, for they only want me to succeed. However, this was never done with the force Jing-Mei’s mother implemented. My parents are always open to what I feel I should do, which is directly contrasting Jing-Mei’s family. Ultimately, Jing-Mei’s parents and my parents are comparable with a strong desire to see their children succeed. Third, a stark difference in the mentalities that Jing-Mei and I both carry personally is existential. Jing-Mei says that she does not want to be prodigious, and in fact, she says that she would not allow her mother to change her in any way (Tan par. 19). It is difficult for her to see past the treatment Eastern parents use because she grew up surrounded by Western culture. On the other hand, I have come to appreciate the desires my parents have for me to succeed through the pushes they make. Whether they are only suggestions or something they make me do, I realize it is only for the best. It is this appreciation that Jing-Mei does not realize and completely rebukes in the story and the early appreciation I hold that also makes us slightly different. In conclusion, Jing-Mei’s character carries certain aspects that I find easily relatable through the lens of my life. Our upbringing from parents of different cultures in a completely different Western society

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