Charge To The Church Essay

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Charge to the Church
Cedar Grove Baptist Church
The Lord has called Brother Edward Wright to be your Pastor and Teacher here at Cedar Grove Baptist Church. He has been called by God and recognized by you, the congregation, to be your under-shepherd. He has a high calling from God to lead you and to love you and has an even greater accountability for his service here to our Savior in the Day he stands before Christ.
The sacred partnership between a congregation and pastor is not happenstance but rather a holy arrangement orchestrated by an omniscient God. Thus, I invite you to joyfully and lovingly enter into this covenant with your new pastor, realizing that this moment in time was actually predestined in eternity, even before the …show more content…

Your faithful participation does two things. Frist, it shows your support of the Pastor God given vision in the direction God is leading this Church. Second, it’s both affirmation and encouragement to your new pastor that you recognize that God is in this calling.
(If the church concur with this charge, please respond by saying “we accept”).

I charge you to be a spiritual community of love. You should also be a community where care and compassion abound. The ministry of care and compassion is not simply the job description of the pastor. It is the job description of this entire church. In Galatians 6:2, the Apostle Paul instructs us to “bear one another’s burdens, and in this way… fulfill the law of Christ.” In addition to caring for and showing compassion to one another, never become so insular that you fail to impact the lives of those outside the church who have no advocate, are mired in hopelessness and ravaged by injustice. Be known as a friendly church and a community church.
(If the church concur with this charge, please respond by saying “we accept”).
I charge you to strive diligently for unity and peace (Ephesians 4:3). This church should have a peaceful aroma in it. It should be holy ground, instead of a battleground. But do not expect a church free of problems and free of disagreements. Robust dialogue and earnest disagreements are natural features of a covenant relationship. Yet ensure that your dialogue and disagreements

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