Charles Darwin : A Man Of Science

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Charles Darwin was born on the 12th of February in 1809 in Shrewsbury, England to a prominent family of nobility. His father was a doctor and his grandfather Erasmus Darwin who was renowned scientist know for his work in biology. With influence from his grandfather and other scientist before him Charles would theorize evolution. Erasmus had published journals (including Zoonomia) which established the ideas of changes in species, completion, and sexual selection, and although he little evidence to support these theories they would still prove to be help to Charles in his adult years. Erasmus’s son Robert, Charles father had also been a man of science had become a doctor and wanted Charles to have a respectable career. Whether is be as a doctor, or work theology and be a minister Robert wanted the best for Charles. Yet like many a college student Charles wasn’t sure what he wanted to do for the majority of his remaining life so after spending a few years at Edinburgh University and later at Christ’s College at oxford he would give up on being a doctor like his father because he was just a tad squeamish his father convinced him to go into theology. While at Christ College Charles befriended two biology students, who’s Studies he would soon become very interested in. So interested that after leaving Christ College with a degree in theology he knew exactly what he wanted to do. Charles wanted to spend the next few years as a naturalist on a British naval ship, where he would
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