Essay On The Idaho State Standards And The True Story Of The Three Little Pigs

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I have known for some time that my weakest area on Charlette Danielson’s Framework for Teaching is asking questions that require higher order thinking. As a first grade teacher there is so much information that I am presenting to them that we move at a very fast pace. I am constantly checking for understanding, but my questions focus on knowledge and comprehension. I rarely take time for lengthy discussions that allow the children to express their opinions and interpretation of the information presented. The Idaho State Standards and the Danielson framework make it clear that this is an area I need to focus on and that I must make time for it in my very hectic schedule. I developed a plan of action to assist me in this process and set a goal to have 80% of my students score a 70% or higher on their written reading responses and a 3 or higher on their oral reading …show more content…

We talked about whose point of view the stories were told from, we struggled with this and it required a lot of modeling and scaffolding, and we also constructed new endings for the stories. Then we moved on to two new stories, The Three Little Pigs and The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by A. Wolf . Each time the oral and written responses improved but they still required a great deal of teacher mediation. The second assessment revealed that only 24% of my student had met the oral target and 31% had met the written. My kids were making great progress, but we had started out much lower than I had anticipated.
Day seven brought the great debate. Unfortunatley there was not much of a debate. They all believed the wolf because the title stated that it was the “true” story. They did however support their opinions with evidence. They did a wonderful job creating their posters representing the moral of the story, my favorite was “work hard or be eaten”, but we struggled desperately to create interview questions for the story

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