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Unit 210 Assignment 1 Learning Activities Learning Outcome 4 Assessment Criteria 4.4, 4.2, 4.3 I had the chance to read as part of a group......4 children sat around the table within class....this was my dedicated table to assist and concentrate on. As this was an exercise that is repeated weekly the children were already half way through their current book (The Jungle Book ) Each child was given their own copy of this book , I asked for them to turn to page 15 which is where they had got up to before. I chose the order is which we were going to read, I instructed each child to read 3 pages each......whilst each child read out loud the other children needed to follow each line as it was read. Before they started…show more content…
Needed to record the pages read and how the child progressed, any problems etc . I also needed to ask the child how they found our group reading session and colour code individual difficulty, Red, Amber, Green, Green been easy! Once each child had had their turn to read out loud we had a group discussion about the story and whether they were enjoying it? How did they feel it may conclude? I also went through what I had written about each child, were they happy, did they agree with what I had written? Any words they struggled to pronounce were asked again to see if they could do it this time round. I praised the group as a whole and said something positive to each child eg: read with enthusiasm, great ability to break down the words, you didn’t give up, well done for reading so clearly and how confident he/she sounded. Always leaving the session on a very positive note! Reading in these groups teaches the children to take turns, listen, offer support to one another, share views, stretch their imagination and raise their self-esteem. 24/01/2013 During a numeracy learning activity on o’clock times, I noticed that a child was very distracted. She lacks confidence in her own ability and always asks for help, as ‘she can’t do it’. She also tends to distract the children in the rest of the group too, by being disruptive. We had plenty of teaching staff and support staff in to help this particular day, so I thought it may be a good idea to take her

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