Charter School Conflict With The Public Schools On Different Issues

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Ruth Semere Comm 6 Prof. A.C. Panella 25 April 2016 Charter School Conflict This paper will discuss charter school conflicts with the public schools on different issues. According to Ron Zimmer and Richard Buddin, “The last few years have been marked by dramatic growth in charter schools in California". In a recent radio forum, KQED Public Media, Titled Growth of Charter Schools in California Leads to Conflict with School Districts, discuses about the conflict between charter school and public school in the Oakland school district. This paper will also farther diagnose the particular conflict, to better understand it, to find the root cause of…show more content…
The charter school conflict exists because there are some people for it and some people against it. According to, The Premier Online Debate Website, arguments of those of charter school is that it allows individuals or groups with innovative educational ideas to put them into practice without being controlled by local or state administration. These schools may have unconventional hours, experiment with curricula, specialize in certain types of teaching or design programs tailored to a particular audience or community. They believe that charter schools provide quality education and they allow teachers to try new teaching methods which allows students to develop under new education styles because charter schools have less regulation. It can introduce the ingredient of a measure of needed competition in the public schools. According to Sarah Cordes and Institute for Education and Social Policy (IESP) New York University, "charter school growth means that more students have opportunities to attend charters and that more traditional public schools face competition from charters in the local school marketplace". They may provide for more accountability because schools that work will be rewarded and those that do not will be changed or even closed. However, the other side argues that charter schools do not outperform traditional public schools. Charter schools may not be equally available to all students and
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