Cheating Husband By Jess Vinson

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Cheating Husband Headline: He Asked Her to Cheat on Her Husband, But He Never Realized How Far She 'd Take It Summary: Jess Vinson was enjoying a witty political talk on Facebook. When the stranger messaged her and asked to hook up, Jess told him she was married. After he insisted, he was completely shocked by her response. Introduction: The last few years were difficult for Jess Vinson. As the mother of two children, life was never easy. Like most young mothers, she had a constant stream of challenges and hard work to deal with. Despite all of the effort, she was still completely in love with her husband. The days might be tiring, but caring for her children was rewarding. When she was diagnosed with cancer several years ago,…show more content…
She told him that she was flatter, but she had a husband. The stranger ignored her refusal. He told her that it did not bother him that she was married because he was a wife as tell. In a flirtatious tone, he told her that he could keep a secret if she could. Throughout her battle with cancer, Jess had always had her husband to lean on for support. After going through so much with her husband, Jess was furious at the stranger 's answer. Her response to him was perfect. - Insert a picture of her message. After sending the message, Jess never heard from the stranger again. Later that night, Jess told her husband what happened and showed him her response. They decided to share the message on Facebook to show people the importance of having and acting on strong family values. The evening 's surprises were not over yet though. It seemed like the universe was proud of Jess sticking to her beliefs because karma quickly caught up to her. While Jess was reading the replies to the Facebook post, she saw an advertisement for an online casino. It offered 100 free spins for a small deposit. To her total amazement, she ended up winning a large prize in just 22 spins. As the payout of $427,540 popped up on the screen, Jess started shaking in shock. She could hardly believe her eyes. Running to the kitchen, she showed her husband the winning screen. She could not

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