Cheerleading Debate

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I come from a small town in Wisconsin population 556, which means that there never is a big controversy of ideas or beliefs. For some reason though, my senior year of high school was the year that a big controversy happened, over the Clayton Cheerleading Squad. I’m the captain of the Clayton Football Cheerleading Squad, which brings on a lot of responsibility but my last year of cheerleading started out different then normal. This year our football team lost approximately seven players due to a disliked coach. That didn’t affect the cheerleading squad at all; in fact we were having an amazing season. The new girls were catching onto the cheers really quickly and our mounts were going up safely and efficiently. But before we knew it everything…show more content…
If you cut the squad down to six that leaves six girls with the option of joining volleyball, a very tight knit group of mean girls that didn’t appreciate newcomers, or have no sport at all. The girls that would’ve been cut from the squad needed an activity that included them, because they never were accepted into any other group and never felt part of the group. My coach goes out of her way to make sure that everyone is accepted and feels like a part of the group, so by cutting us down you’re taking away the thing the girls need most. After hearing that the squad was going to be cut my coach was absolutely heartbroken, but she was ready to fight for us. She started out by having meeting after meeting to make them change their minds, some of them did and some of them didn’t. Those that didn’t were so sick of hearing our coach’s arguments and pleas that they decided to take it to the next level: they threatened her job. After that she couldn’t do anymore without losing her job, which she worked so hard for. We couldn’t ask anymore of her because that wouldn’t be fair, so it was our turn. I decided that we needed to do something because you can’t take away the one good thing that a high school girl had, nor can you take away the bond
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