Cheesy Pizza Case Study

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I. Introduction:

Cheesy Pizza Company is established in 2001 with the first outlet in Oregon, United State. The company provides flavorful, high quality products and varied in menu for all ages and tastes. Top the pizza only with the highest quality meats, 100% homemade mozzarella cheese and freshest ingredients. Cheesy Pizza has been opened for more than 150 outlets in all over the U.S at the moment, and as they have been success in domestic market, they are going to expand their business to oversea next year. With the vision is committed to enriching the live of customers, partners, shareholders, community and employees.

Cheesy Pizza Company is preparing to enter the Singapore and Hong Kong markets by opening 10 outlets in each location …show more content…

One must have a divers license in order to legally operate a vehicle on public roadway. If one want to have a comfortably life after they retire, they should actively invest for retirement and become an informed investor (James, n.a). Cheesy Pizza Company as an entrepreneur in Singapore and Hong Kong market, literally the firm’s goal is successful in business, so the formula is no different.

There are certain must that organization have to be fully implemented, managed and developed in order to achieve the business goals and succeed. And employee’s performance is one of the main elements that will support the firms in the long run. The purpose of reward system is to attract and retain suitable employees and those who bring in benefits for the company. Beside that also influence culture, motivate employees to meet their job objective and reinforce and define the firm structure (Armstrong, 2012: …show more content…

Annual employee appraisal is not enough; employees are likely more appreciate regular and frequent feedback from managers. When company management team gives regular feedback, it motivated staffs to maintain consistently good performance. The article “Employee Reward and Recognition Systems” of Inc. magazine notes that, “By rewarding and recognizing outstanding performance, entrepreneurs will have an edge in a competitive corporate climate.” Having that edge fortify company position in the industry and brings firm closer to the business objective, which is better

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