Chemical Reactions: Hydrogen Fuel

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Throughout the unit in Chemical Reactions, a big message was the efficiency that different reactions would produce. Specifically, we looked at the relationship between complete and incomplete combustion as well as hydrogen fuel. In the next three paragraphs you are about to read I will be explaining why hydrogen is the better choice for fueling our machines in the future, the chemistry behind the hydrogen fuel, and finally the cons of hydrogen fuel.
When comparing hydrogen to gasoline there a several key points that jump out which suggest that hydrogen is a better power source. Firstly, hydrogen is more readily available then the other fossil fuels which we currently use today to create gasoline. Hydrogen can be found trapped in the earth’s water, which once all of the hydrogen is converted into a usable fuel, it would
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However, there are some cons to hydrogen fueling which is why scientists are still in conflict about this topic. Firstly, in order to extract the hydrogen necessary to power cars and other vehicles it would have to come from methane. By doing this it would lead to a cleaner fueling source however the methane would release large amounts of carbon dioxide in the process. To add, once the hydrogen is harvested in order to split it into individual molecules it would take lots of electrical power which would again have huge impacts on the environment and we still haven't converted hydrogen into a usable fuel source yet. Als this hydrogen reaction is very explosive, which raises the question would it be safe to use in vehicles when all it takes is a single spark for it to explode. Finally in order to fuel the cars, gas stations would have to be remodeled as well as the cars we currently use today. This would cost billions and billions of dollars just to allow for the new system of hydrogen fuel to be
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