Chemical Reactions That React The Most Efficiently For Heat And Eat Packs

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h Chemicals Will React the Most Efficiently for Heat and Eat Packs
To identify which reactions will be the most efficient, in order to heat pre-cooked meals.

It is stated that all chemical reactions involve energy changes. Where a substance is stored with chemical energy and has the potential to be converted to heat (insert cited thing). Exothermic and Endothermic reactions are included in the changes in heat of energy. As Exothermic reactions release heat, and transfer the temperature to its surroundings. This is because the energy absorbed to split the bonds of the reactants release less heat energy than the product made by the bonds. An endothermic reaction however absorbs heat from its surrounding as the reactant doesn’t supply enough energy therefore it absorbs energy from its environment. In addition, endothermic reactions release more heat energy in order to break the bonds made by the products.
The bonds in the exothermic and endothermic occur during the experiment, as the breaking and making of the chemical bonds are involved. Exothermic is energy that is released when any chemical bond is formed and Endothermic is energy which must be added when a chemical bond is broken. It is recognized that with exothermic reactions, the products will contain a lower energy with the reactants. Endothermic reactions however have products which contain a higher energy than the reactants. This is because exothermic reactions release heat, and in the progress

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