Chemistry: Mixtures and Compounds

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Mixtures and Compounds: We live in a universe that, to mankind, is a marvel to behold for all its grand diversity and apparent complexity. Out of such wonder man has built telescopes like the Hubble telescope that orbits earth and studies stars light years away from earth; and at the same time electron microscopes to help him study atomic structure. These innovations for closer study of the distant and the minuscule have been spurred by the desire to know the nature and composition of things. As such, the study men have discovered that our universe presents itself in the form of elements, mixtures or compounds. While elements form the irreducible building blocks of all that we perceive through empirical science, we shall begin by considering mixtures and compounds, which are formed by the variable combination of elements. A mixture is simply the substance resulting from the combination of one or more elements without chemically joining them. Elements in a mixture not only retain their own unique chemical properties but they are also easily separable from the substance. A mixture contains elements in no specific ratio resulting in a substance with no specific melting point. Common examples of mixtures can include sea water, polluted air or a bowl of cornflakes in milk. A compound on the other hand consists of two or more elements that have been chemically joined together in a specific ratio and reaction method. Compounds display properties that are completely different
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