Cherron: A Case Study

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Supervisor Comments: Charlene met with Cherron to address concerns of his services due as the patient current has 23 treatment plan remaining. Please note, Cherron was advised that this writer assisted him with obtaining 5-6 patient signatures missing from his treatment and three scheduled to sign on Friday with this writer as the patient expressed as a barrier. This writer addressed the importance of completing at least 2-3 treatment plans per day for review and approval. According to Cherron, he has completed 7 treatment thus far. This writer reviewed one of Cherron treatment-patient #3012. Cherron shared with this writer about the barriers of the patient’s treatment as the patient is currently on Step 3. This patient is attending the Cocaine Group on Thursdays from 10-11am. This writer recommends for Cherron to discuss inpatient treatment with the patient as an intervention and assist the patient with the referral. Furthermore, this writer advised Cherron to elaborate more in his general note (treatment plan). AWOL: …show more content…

Discharge Summary: Cherron had two discharge summary not completed and it was recommended for Cherron to have it completed today. Clinical Strengths: Cherron is able to articulate and express himself very well. He strive to support his patients with any current dilemma. Clinical Challenges: Cherron needs to improve on his time management and organizational skills as this was mentioned before. Tasks to be completed by the next supervision session and/ or professional growth

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