Cherrywood Nursing Field Report

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During this reporting period I attended two appointments with Mrs. Raney. I met with Mrs. Raney at Dr. Mendelson’s appointment on November 21, 2017 and made a visit to Cherrywood Nursing Center on 12/4/17. On 11/17/2017 I received a phone message from Dr. Mendelson’s office as a reminder that Mrs. Raney is scheduled for an appointment on 11/21/17 at 2:50p. I recontacted this office as I had her scheduled for an earlier time. The staff rechecked the physician’s schedule for that day and I was told that she could be seen at 2p. I notified Alimar Transportation of the new time and the nursing facility Cherrywood. I was notified on 11/20/17 by Vicki Music RN manager for the Charlevoix unit that the facility was starting their renovations …show more content…

Raney was experiencing any pain to the area and Mrs. Raney replied that the only pain is in the right shoulder. Mrs. Raney was able to supinate and pronate her right wrist 30-40 degrees. Her skin was dry. Dr. Mendelson replied that at this time Mrs. Raney no longer required to wear the wrist brace and she can use the extremity. Dr. Mendelson obtained x-rays of her right shoulder as Mrs. Rainey has limited range of motion. After reviewing this, Dr. Mendelson replied that Mrs. Rainey as tremendous arthritis in her shoulder. I inquired if it was traumatic arthritis and the result of the accident. Dr. Mendelson replied that it was not related directly to the accident necessarily but her shoulder was aggravated from the accident. Dr. Mendelson continued to state that symptomatically it will get better and at some point Mrs. Raney did have a glenoral crack. Dr. Mendelson inquired about how Mrs. Raney’s shoulder was prior to the accident and she stated that it was fine and she could raise her arm above her shoulder and head but now she can’t and has had limited movement since the accident. Dr. Mendelson assessed and evaluated her lower extremity and replied that Mrs. Raney’s left incision is now healed. Her right ankle is still healing, the wound is dry and her skin is consolidating over the area. Mrs. Raney has an avagus external rotation of her foot. Dr. Mendelson replied that Mrs. Raney is now 3 ½ months out from surgery and her ulna is stable

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