Golfer with Brachial Neuritis Misdiagnosed Essay

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During Dr. Wallace’s clinic, one of the golf girls came into the Athletic Training Room complaining of right shoulder pain. Dr.Wallace first began the evaluation by asking if she remembered how she hurt her shoulder. The golfer said she had been at home during winter break and was wearing socks in the house. She said she was running and fell and when she was falling, she attempted to catch herself by using a nearby wall. Dr. Wallace then checked her strength by asking her to abduct her shoulders as far as she could. He then added resistance and noticed weakness in her right shoulder. He tested the ligaments and told her they were all intact. He also asked her if she had been experiencing any numbness, tingling, etc. since she fell and she …show more content…

She still had some loss in her sensory neurons, but they showed some slight improvement from the initial evaluation. A follow-up MRI also showed a “…decrease in the brachial plexus thickening and hyperintensity.” (Gazioglu) The patient in this case study experienced rare symptoms. Patients who are usually diagnosed with brachial neuritis have severe pain in the shoulder and some even have localized pain. Only a small number of patients have pain that subsides to the fingers of the affected side. This case study supports the signs and symptoms along with the treatment that our team doctor prescribed. When I asked him about the situation, he said that he asked her if she had the flu recently because sometimes the brachial plexus can give off flu like symptoms such as a fever, fatigue, cough, and runny nose. He said this condition is called brachial neuritis. He said the majority of the time it affects one side of the shoulder and that’s why he asked the golfer is she had any of the symptoms or the flu during the break. He said that the muscles become weak and in some cases, paralyzed. For treatment, Dr. Wallace said he prescribes pain relievers so it won’t bother the patient as much. He said in severe cases, the patient will undergo surgery and then see a physical therapist to help regain strength in the shoulder. When I asked if he thought the golfer had had brachial neuritis he said most likely no since

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