Child Abuse At Saudi Arabia

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Child abuse started when the humanity began. Every society has number of abusing situations for children. According to, child abuse is “mistreatment of a child by a parent or guardian, neglect, beating, and sexual molestation”. In other words, child abuse is treating a child badly emotionally, as well as neglect and physical and sexual treatment. Historical stories and Islamic literature have mentioned a child maltreatment practice that considers as a big risk on children’s lives. Even though child maltreatment was happening in Saudi Arabia, it didn’t have enough evidence. In 1990, Saudi Arabia received the first report about child maltreatment. As a result, in 1996 Saudi Arabia connected with the Organization of the…show more content…
The first step of progress was to establish new legalization to protect children. Also, awareness programs were provided by national media to give more explanation about child maltreatment. In addition, there were teams in the hospitals to serve children who were abused (Qayad, Inam, Al Eissa, Al Buhairan, & Noor, 2012).
The purpose of my topic is to spread awareness among the community, to give useful information for people who do not know enough about child abuse, and to decrease the number of victims from abuse. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to elaborate on child abuse in terms of its definition, history in Saudi Arabia, causes, signs and impact, as well as types of child abuse.
Phenomenon and factors of child abuse
The World Health Organization (2006) defines child abuse as follows: “Child abuse or maltreatment refers to the physical and emotional mistreatment, sexual abuse, neglect and negligent treatment of children, as well as to their commercial or other exploitation” (What is the source - ? p.7). There are many factors which cause child abuse. The most important factors of this problem are families, social, and personal causes. The first factor of child abuse is families. Abuse cases usually occur in families who apply some of these states: poverty, lack of education, serious marital problems, unemployment,etc. Tucker and Rodriguez report that unstable and
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