Child Abuse Is A Negative Outlook For The Future Of The Worlds Youth

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Child abuse creates a very negative outlook for the future of the Worlds youth. Now that the 20th century has come to change our future in not a bright way, we just might be extinct. Most of the kids have grown out of their young stage and have become an actual adult. Today we have a population of about seven to eight billion people living on this earth. This amount can decrease due to the cause of death at an old age or a person’s body not being healthy. Some people get injured or abused by adults that want to harm others. Most individuals might not realize their actions that have been taken when causing a different reaction. There are many different types of abuse for children and adult and people need to discuss more child abuse than anything so they can prevent abuse happening to the future generations. A few types of child abuse are: Emotional abuse, Neglect abuse, Physical abuse, Family violence, Sexual abuse, and Organized Sexual abuse. They all have something in common, someone will be harmed. Parents or guardians may not realize what goes on around the child life during school or even in the house. some might be clueless, but is sometimes not their fault for you not expressing your emotions and telling what you have been going through and how your feelings.
Types of Child Abuse
Emotional Abuse It’s where abuse is taken verbally with no physical actions taking place. This also includes manipulation and intimidation. Emotional abuse can be more…

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