My Personal Values Of Child Abuse

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My personal values help guide me to distinguish what is right and wrong, this helps me in everyday life decision making along with taking action. The values I have chosen and hold closest to my core include integrity, responsibility, concern for others, and honesty. I chose these values because I feel that they are the most important in my life, and they relate well to the topic of child abuse. Integrity is the quality of being honest with strong morals. This is one of the most honorable values to have because not many people possess this trait. Next, is the value of responsibility, being responsible for your duties and actions which is a huge part of staying on a morally correct path. People often count on others to be responsible …show more content…

I think viewing these values from the child’s point of view and applying them as a child could is interesting. Integrity can help a child remain honest and speak up when they need to. Taking responsibility for actions and situations that the child might get into will help them get out of a bad situation, hopefully with minimal damage and a lesson learned. Concern for others can go a long way especially with children. For example if a child sees a classmate or friend being treated poorly by a superior or by another child, caring for the victim will help a great amount. Often times people turn their head to situations that look bad but don’t involve them which is a bug cause of the problem, talking and getting help is the right thing to …show more content…

The urgency to protect our youth and the future of the world should be top priority. It is unfair for any child or teenager to have to experience a violation of rights from any form of physical or psychological abuse. This abuse stays with the child for life and will play a negative role in their future. As stated above by working towards preventing this issue Poor social skills, psychological issues, and other mental and physical concerns can be avoided. Those are just a few of the effects abuse will cause, however, the list is quite

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