Child Abuse : Sibling Incest

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Incest Within the Family Unit and Sibling Abuse
H_D 300: Child Neglect and Abuse
Fall 2014
Laiklyn L. Luikart

Incest is a form of child abuse that involves sexual contact between family members and the child. Sexual abuse is most commonly found within the family, categorizing it as incest. Incest has detrimental affects on children’s physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development and furthermore changes the dynamic of the family system, a child’s main resource. There are different types of familial incest, but sibling sexual abuse is universal accepted as the most prevalent form. The family violence is usually an active household cycle passed down from generations and most perpetrators have been victims of abuse themselves. Treatment of victims is a slow healing process that requires a safe environment and stable, healthy relationships.

Keywords: Incest, Sibling Sexual Abuse, Children, Family Violence

In America, all states have passed a law outlawing incest to be committed. Incest is the most commonly occurring type of child sexual abuse that involves sexual behaviors of different variations within the family unit. Adults can choose to be involved in incest, but for most cases that occur, children fall victims of incest by force. Diana Russell’s research about incestuous abuse contributes to the findings that incest does not just occur in America, but it is a prevailing issue…
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