Child Behavior: Then and Now

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Child behavior has been an ongoing controversial topic for years now. Child behavior has without a doubt gotten worse over the years. Statistics have proven that juvenile behavior has become increasingly worse due to things such as crime rates, teen pregnancies, unemployment rates, and more. Today, children are more defiant and rebellious than they were years ago. Crime rates and high school dropout rates have proven this theory to be correct. Now a days these rates are increasing due to children being spoiled and lack of attention. Many may say that high school dropout rates could be debatable being that in 1979, it was 5 % but, now it’s only 3.4% (Zhao). While the trend appears promising, the worse part is that there were about three million sixteen to twenty-four year olds in October 2009 who were neither enrolled in high school nor had earned a high school diploma (Zhao). These dropout rates were high and increase each year due to things like early pregnancy, bad behavior, or being behind in classes. Crime rates are a huge contribution as to why children are behaving the way they do now. Unfortunately, teen death rates have not decreased, but now homicides, suicides, and car collisions are responsible for 75% of all teenage deaths today (Harper). In fact, over the last two decades, teen violent crime rates have grown almost twice as quickly as adult crime rates (Levitt). In 2010, there were two hundred and twenty-five arrests for Violent Crime

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