Child Development And The Middle East Act Essay

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Child development is an important part of who we are and how we got to the way we are now. There are different areas that make up child development such as, physical, cognitive, social, and personality development. These areas make up who we are as a person. Society as well as family and friends share an influence on these areas of development. The culture in which a child is living in, can change how they think, act, socialize with others. Children oversees in the Middle East act different to how children in America act. As I went through my observation, I kept in mind the different areas of child development and saw how far the child was in each one. The child I observed is my younger cousin. She is seven years old and lives in an apartment with her mom, dad, and younger sister. Hannah’s father is from Pakistan and her mother is American. My aunt, Hannah’s mom, was a missionary nurse over in Pakistan for many years when she met my uncle. Hannah was conceived in Pakistan, so for majority of my aunt’s pregnancy was out of the country. Because my aunt is a nurse, she knew how to take care of herself and the baby inside her. She would get checkups at a military base that was near them. It was already dangerous for to be over there, let a long being pregnant. My aunt and uncle flew over to America a few months before Hannah was born so that she could be born in America. In Pakistan, the father is not allowed in the hospital room when the mother is giving birth. This was a

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