Evaluate The Role Of The Early Years Practitioner In Supporting Children's Holistic Development Essay

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Ball games helps in the gross motor skills development. Social and emotional development As an early year practitioner, it is very important to support the child development and confidence, help them learn about how to manage their feelings and behaviour and making relationship with others. The EYFS states and practitioners can help parents and children by the following factors: • Encouraging children and families to have a strong cultural identity • Respecting and listening to the view of parents • Encouraging a sense of belonging for children and families • Making opportunities for children to be successful • Understanding why happy, sociable children learn better • Understanding and managing the behaviour of children and staff …show more content…

By studying a child and early year practitioner can spot any issues that may be present and make sure that the child is given the best support should this require. The holistic approach is based to allowing children to play outdoor and discover their environment, doesn’t concentrate much to give memories facts, and learning things by committing them to memory, by this practitioner can do a study and focus on the development of a child and can see how each area is connecting to the others, this connection of development can be seen things like language and how this connects to a range of others like social development, reading, writing and play. If a practitioner see that the child is struggling with certain things, there could be an influence on other areas of development, because as we know each area of development are connected, and practitioner can use special screening programmes what can help the to pick up any areas of difficulty that child maybe suffering. Speech, language and communication development contributes to holistic learning and development: Child`s development must be seen holistically as each area of development are connected with and affects every other area of development. Personal, social and emotional development is linked with communication development, because both are based in the formation of relationship. Children experience difficulties when they are not being able

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