Child Hunger In America Essay

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Many problems plague the United States as a country that spans a vast swath of land, contains many over exploited natural resources, and houses 320 million people that come from all stretches of the globe, but one of the single biggest problems is hunger. Child hunger in the United States is at the forefront of this issue. The helpless youth of today quite often become the hopeless adults of tomorrow when their basic needs are not met. This country has enough food to provide its citizens with all of their nutritional needs, but just like so many other expansive problems, distribution is the crux of the matter. With children as the focus, we must hone in on a means to bring the food and children together on a consistent basis. Education in this …show more content…

However, if this was the case then it would not be true that “food insecurity affects 16 million children in the United States” (O’Malley). This study noted that “the most difficult part of identifying and addressing food insecurity lies in the details associated with screening” (O’Malley) for it. The problem is often the need for parents to admit to other issues within the family and find resources when they are already strapped with many burdens. As noted before, this screening process is easily done by teachers who are in contact with students on a regular basis, unlike pediatricians who are currently in charge of screening during standardized visits, checking for hunger in the “process in routine well-child care” (O’Malley). Families struggling with hunger may not have the resources to visit doctors on a regular basis. Children suffering from hungry will not be able on their own to reach out to these charitable organizations or food banks, but they can advocate for themselves and their families while at school. So these charitable organizations should team up with the schools in order to put services where they are far more accessible, particularly to children in

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