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For this project we had to collaborate and create a presentation that models a child profile. Our student was 17 year old Aaron, who is apart of Chatsworth Senior High School’s Life Skills program. This program is a transitional program designed for students to receive education in the morning and obtain job experience for the last half of the day. Aaron is currently working at his father’s business, but it has been reported that there are numerous problems with Aaron’s behavior and skills. His father has asked for help in fixing this predicament because he doesn’t want to fire his son. As a group, it is up to us to analyze the information and decide a proper course of action for Aaron. The problems highlighted by Mr. Martinson have…show more content…
He could be allowed to do tasks on his own, but when he does need help he should be able to receive. If the work site feels they need help with accommodations also receive help from two organizations called, National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability for Youth and Job Accommodation Network. Mr. Martinson and the other owner can ask these organization what necessary accommodations are and how to obtain them. NCWD can also help supplement Aaron's job training in the Life Skills program.

In School the teacher’s need to adapt their strategies and environments to help adapt Aaron to required standards of holding a job, Standard 5: Instructional Planning and Strategies and Standard 2: Learning Environments. They can provide assistive tech that can improve his critical thinking and responses. He could even use something like a pager to give him reminders of specific tasks to be done at and done by certain times. It was also clearly stated that Aaron also had organizational problems so you can make it a requirement for Aaron to keep a binder for your class. You can tell him when you will collect it and you can reward him based on how good it is. This will teach him how important it is to organize for the sake of neatness and time efficiency and thus possibly translate to his job.
I feel this exercise was great in simulating a revaluation. We all had to take our roles and examine the case and research as well as find areas where we can
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