Child Protective Services : The Role Of Substance Abuse, Intimate Partner Violence And Race

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Engagement in Child Protective Services: The Role of substance Abuse, Intimate Partner Violence and Race
Engagement can be defined in many ways including, attendance, participation, collaboration, compliance and motivation. Parents play a huge role in their children’s life, but, sometimes parents do not engage much with their children which can face significant negative consequences. Substance abuse affects lives in a negative way therefore, parents should be more engaging with their children so they can prevent their children of being victims of drugs, alcohol, or other substances. There are two primary factors for the focus on parental engagement. The minimal level of engagement is necessary in order for families to receive the benefit of child welfare services. The second primary factor is that the courts decides the legal actions of parental engagement. Some families who are victims of substances also struggle with housing or mental illness issue. There are several actions of behavior lack of engagement which includes parents not making appointments for their children on time, as well as not allowing a social work to enter to their home, and the lack of following up with treatment goals and inconsistent contract with their children.
Parental engagement has been a challenge for child protection workers. When a family is going through issues like violence or substance abuse it is hard to focus on the children. Not having connection or communication with children can

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