Child Rights Petition

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As for my human right activism act I choose to sign and share information about a petition. The petition I signed involved ending forced child marriage in the United States. Yes, the United States. I was informed that forced child marriage is global it does not just happen in other countries. I signed the petition through Tahirih Justice Center. Tahirih Justice Center is a national non-profit that protects courageous immigrant women and girls who refuse to be victims of violence through direct legal and social services, education and training, and public policy advocacy. ( This petition was set up basically to create a national action plan to protect children boys and girls of forced marriage and support survivors of forced and child marriage. Attached to this petition is a letter that was sent out to President Obama. It does not state if the letter has been read, but the recent update states, “We recently drafted a historic bill to prevent child marriage in Virginia, and it is now…show more content…
From my reading in the Human Rights book assigned for class. It discusses special challenges of Children rights. It had mention that Children rights are seen as autonomous rights-holders with their own rights. It explained that Children rights are seen as enabling rights. The problem may be that the convention does not see the Children rights as important because some may not know how to express them. (Human Rights, p294) I think this can tie into forced Child labor because many children do not have a say in their life. They are not able to tell their parents or family no, because it will be seen as disrespectful and they do not want to disrespect their family. So majority of these Children do exactly what their parents or family tell to do. This can led to problems. I think children should be able to voice their own opinions and
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