Child Soldiers Drugs

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Child soldiers are victims to an unfortunate outcome when viciously stolen from reality and their childhoods. Drugged, brainwashed,and armed these kids are taught at an impressionable age that in war it's kill or be killed. They are given no other option than to participate in this war, so child soldiers should be granted amnesty.

When needed in combat these young kids are given serious drugs to morph their minds into a different kind of thinking. The type of thinking that makes them believe it’s ok. The National Institute on Drug Abuse says “drugs are chemicals that affect the brain by tapping into its communication system and interfering with the way neurons normally send, receive, and process information.” Which is a more complicated …show more content…

At eight no kid would want to be subject to this way of life but some know no different ways of young life, this is what they are taught and what they assume is correct. They are brainwashed and in place of normal childhood behavior is taught aggression and violence. Rachel Nuwer from the smithsonian says ¨Teenage brains are like soft, impressionable play dough.” meaning those teen years are crucial to their developing traits and brain. Another source says the most important time of child's life to become who they are is the age of 4-9 years of age. This means they need ethics and morals to continue on but child soldiers are giving the opposite of that so how do you expect them to go down the path of right and not wrong when to them it's all a messed up maze? Someone opposed to the amnesty of young soldiers could consider this very dangerous and an obvious reason to ban the amnesty the deserve. Others see it as a chance to remold these young people's mind and put them back on the right path and off the path of destruction. The soldiers would be fully tested to see if there is permanent damage from this awful experience. Just because some may be harmful doesn't mean all shouldn't get a chance at a new and better …show more content…

They rightfully deserve a better life rather to live in the shadow of their past. While of course they must be safe first and clearly not to far off from “normal” so they can start their new life and regain control of their decisions. So there is no reason to not accept their mistakes that were forced upon them and granting amnesty for these kids. Instead of forever being a child soldier give them a better future so they can call themselves a teacher, a doctor, a CEO, or a father/ mother, but never be a prisoner to their

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