Childhood Abuse Affects Many People On The Daily Basis

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Childhood abuse affects many people on the daily basis in a variety of ways. It is a traumatic experience and brings long term effects. Abuse can be in different ways such as sexual, physical and mental. Some of the long term effects in childhood abuse may become complex. A number of devastating psychological effects have been attributed to abuse in childhood (Sansone, Kelley, & Forbis, 2013). The mental health effects that may be caused are anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), low self-esteem and may cause suicidal thoughts. Usually the aggressor tries to scare the person to not speak about what is going on or they just feel so ashamed it takes time for them to speak up. The physical health of these children…show more content…
It has been taken into consideration due no harm and volunteerism. Starting the investigation/Interviews During the review of medical records, court documents and interviewing the volunteers I became shocked at the consequences that these adults face. The following were questions that were asked during the investigational period. 1. At what age were you abused? 2. What type of abuse did you receive? (emotional, sexual or physical) 3. When did you decide to tell someone about the abuse or did anyone find out before you opened up about it? 4. What were the reactions of your family and friends that you spoke to about this difficult time? 5. Were there any adults that witnessed the abuse or were you left home alone? 6. Were you sent to a foster home during the investigation of social services? 7. Did you receive any treatment and did it help? 8. Have you been able to create your own family/socialize with people after the trauma? Limitations during the study have been confidentiality due to having to report any abuse that may be going on at the moment due to liability. Another limitation was dishonesty due to some of the things people went through, at times they may not have completely been honest. During the study it has been found that victims that have suffered childhood abuse also have exposure to multiple types of abuse such as maltreatment and bullying. Also the effect depends on
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