Childhood Development : Early Childhood

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Early Childhood Development The human life is separated into multiple stages that reflect the different phases the mind and body go through. Early childhood is one of these stages and is perhaps the most important stage of all. During early childhood, the brain and body are growing, learning, developing, and adapting to the environment that they are placed in. These developments are fairly constant through human history and therefore, there have been many studies and observations done to better understand the significant phase that is early childhood. Early childhood development is a period in which the mind and body learn how to work in unison to accomplish goals and benchmarks. This stage is where it is possible to observe children acclimating to their surroundings in real time. According to UNESCO, “early childhood is defined as the period from birth to eight years old. A time of remarkable brain growth, these years lay the foundation for subsequent learning and development” (1). The sheer speed at which children learn how to manipulate the world around them is an incredible testament to the power of the human mind. During this phase, children learn how to crawl, walk, talk, read, write, and even how to think in the abstract. All of this in a time period of eight short years. Historically, the concept of early childhood development has been in effect since the very first human was born. However, the science and discussions behind it have been around for a much

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