Childhood Obesity : A Serious Problem

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Obesity is not only found amongst children, it is also found in pre-teen to teenage years as well. Childhood years are the most important period of a kids life, were they learn behavior and mold into the adult they will become. Starting bad eating habits early in the childhood years sets them up for more complications later in their lives. One out of three children in the U.S are obese, which most of them will end up facing a greater risk of having medical, social, emotional problems some even end up having severe problems in school. Childhood obesity can lead to many health problems for children including diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and problems in the future.
Childhood obesity is a very serious problem that many of our children face in this country. According to the center of disease control the percentage of school aged children aged 6–11 years old are obese in the United States (CDC, 2015). Our school system is one of the major factors because kids spend most of their time in school. Focusing on nutrition and healthy eating habits at school should be a major priority, starting with school lunches and increase physical activities. (CDC, 2015)
One of the major factors that contribute to childhood obesity is the lack of nutritional and educational support provided to children while in school. Children from 5 to 17 years of age spend most of their time in a school setting. The majority of children consume 2 out of the 3 major meals in a school cafeteria not…
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