Childhood Obesity And Its Effects On The American Culture

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Childhood obesity is an important issue in the American culture because of the staggering results that this disease has reached in the past years. Certain gene factors connected with the change of culture and lifestyle has produced kids and adults who are now not as healthy as most people were just a few decades ago. The widespread of obesity has been the biggest result of these specific changes. This was a great topic to research, considering I have worked with children before in sports and other activities. I expect to continue working with students younger or teenagers in the future, hopefully in an athletic and educational setting. Because school sports and education are seen as an important role in the battle with childhood obesity, it is very important that coaches and teachers are aware of certain health risks. This can help by teaching kids how to deal with these problems and helping them live a better lifestyle. The terms overweight and obesity are compared on the website called The Center for Disease Control. The term overweight means that a person with a much higher weight being compared to other people that are his/her same height and to be technical has nothing to do with the specific persons body fat percentage. An example for this would be, an individual could possibly have a much higher body weight due to having an excessive amount of muscle mass. To put into examination, a source explains that it is more accurate to use the term overfat, when we are
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