Childhood Obesity : Is It The Enemy?

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Childhood Obesity has become a topic of national concern. There has been an extremely rapid increase in the number of obese children in the recent years. The percentage of obese children from the age of 6-11 has increased from 7% to 18% and for adolescents age 12-19, a 5% to 21% in a short span of about 30 years. This epidemic has grown to such a high number that it had been brought to the attention Michelle Obama, the First Lady of America, who then created a plan to try to end this Childhood Obesity Epidemic in 2010. So, what is the cause of this new and uprising epidemic? Among the articles that I’ve come across, researchers have begun to link the source to the lack of exercise and fast food establishments. My first read was “Fast food – Is it the Enemy?” by Sarah Muntel, who is a registered dietician. Sarah began with a list of a de-constructed meal from various fast food chains and labels them with the nutritional facts such as the calorie and fat amount in each item, to where she then determines “you could easily take in 1,500 calories from just one meal alone,” which is roughly the recommended caloric intake for an American per day! She then goes on to explain that in the past, the people did not have the pleasure of picking up a pre-made convenient meal, rather they had to personally spend time and energy to prepare their own meals, but because “most Americans are overscheduled and overcommitted” they fall victim to the easy way out by picking a “cheap” and easy meal
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