Children And Type 2 Diabetes

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Children and Type 2 Diabetes Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) has been reported with increased frequency over the last twenty years in adolescents and children in the United States. As a result of T2DM glucose metabolism within the body of affected adolescents and children is severely compromised. Formerly known as adult onset and/or insulin resistant diabetes T2DM occurs due to the cell inability to properly use insulin which then results in lowered secretion of insulin as well as insulin resistance. Proactive steps if taken during pre-diabetic stages in the form of increased activity, dietary changes, weight reduction, and use of medicinal intervention in order to increase sensitivity to insulin and decrease production of glucose helps …show more content…

Contributing Behavioral Factors
Severe obesity has shown to be the common link in diagnosis of T2DM in children and youth. According to Kaufman while there appears to be a host of genetic and environmental risk factors for T2DM, perhaps the most significant risk factor is obesity. Also noted were the risk posed by sedentary lifestyles as a result of lack of exercise. With obesity being a proven link to increased incidence of childhood T2DM one rightfully assumes the role of diet and exercise is also significant. In this the era of social media, get it quick, enlarged portion sizes, and microwave mentalities our youth are paying the price and becoming less physically active, less social, resulting in obesity and poor health. With outdoor activities and socialization, giving way to video games, and time on the computer the lifestyle behaviors of present no longer promote healthy life and dietary choices and growth they are more in line with poor health, poor choices, and stagnation, thus it no surprise that obesity and T2DM has risen significantly over the last twenty years in youth populations. Sadly although there is much information at our fingertips due to the rise of technology and information age the habits adopted as a result of technological advances have proven to be more detrimental than beneficial to the health and overall well-being of today’s youth. The influx of processed foods and increased sugar consumption has

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