Children Are A Vital Component Of Our Country Essay

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Children are a vital component of our country. As the current working class becomes older and retires, these children are the ones who will replace and care for those individuals. Children, as a whole, are a group of individuals who are unable to care for themselves. Since they can and will play a significant role in the way our world will be shaped, it is imperative to look out and care for them. While not everyone has the best interest of children at heart, many programs have been implemented, especially in the United States, to do just that. Molding, shaping, and educating our country’s youth will only benefit the rest of us later on. Throughout class this semester, we have explored a wide array of children’s programs. More specifically, we have discussed home visiting programs, early childhood education programs, and teacher performance pay programs. Throughout this paper, I will explore the efficacy of these programs and draw a conclusion regarding which type of program is the most and least effective. The most intriguing of these programs, for me, is teacher performance pay. As education is vital to provide to our youth and is imperative for their development and overall success, making sure that the quality of education is high, as well as the resources of staff given to children remains is of utmost importance. In Dee and Wycoff’s article, “Incentives, Selection, and Teacher Performance Evidence from IMPACT”, they explore whether or not IMPACT, an evaluation system
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