Children Are Victims Of Violence And Violence

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In recent history, there has not been a day where one can turn on the television without seeing an incident where communities are affected by a serious tragedy. In some communities, murders are a daily occurrence. Robberies and physical and sexual assaults occur everywhere and there are often several witnesses to the event. “Research has shown that exposure to traumatic experiences such as crime and violence, found in predominantly African American communities exceed those in areas dominated by most other ethnic groups” (Coker, et. al., 2014, p. 88). Children are exposed to violence and grow up thinking it is a normal part of daily life. These children grow up in fear and use coping mechanisms to get through their daily lives. Most people are affected by being victims of violence or witnessing a traumatic incident. Many will not admit to the stress it is causing in their lives and will often deny any stress related issues. There are many reasons they do not want to talk about the traumatic event. The inner turmoil causes a multitude of problems both mental and physical. Since 1993, violent crime has declined in the US. “There are still neighborhoods in cities like Oakland, Detroit, New Orleans, and Newark, New Jersey, where shootings are a constant occurrence and where the per capita murder rates are drastically higher than the rest of the country” (Beckett, 2014, p. 128). These and other violent crimes are taking place in neighborhoods where there are witnesses who are

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