Children Are Wearing Christmas Hats And Doing Cooking

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In the image, three children are wearing Christmas hats and doing cooking (Bykhunenko, 2013). It seems that they are represented as competent and active learners and their childhood seems colourful as they are given opportunity to experience different activities such as cooking. The potential purpose of the representation is that children are competent and active learners and they enjoy activities include cooking. The conception of the child as competent and active learners is a generally believed image. Early childhood education philosophies, practices, and policies have strongly implicated this view of childhood so that children are given time and space to participate in different activities and learning. In this imaging of the child, we allow children to participate in cooking which can promote their fine motor skills and cognitive development. From the developmental perspective, cooking is one of the ideal activities that benefit children to engage in as it stimulates all the senses and each area of development (Beaver & Brewster, 2002, p.39). In the image, children are using a rolling pin, egg-whisk and other tools to make meals which involve hand-eye coordination and their muscles of the hand would be strengthened. Moreover, children are learning to read the receipts and menus, gain some simple maths knowledge and origins of food during cooking which will enhance their cognitive development. According to the Belonging theories, children are the centre of the concentric

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