Children Have Parents That Fight And Yell

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Many children have parents that fight and yell. In some cases the parents beat the child or each other, but this case is different. Aliyah a 7 year old with her mom and dad perfectly fine and healthy relationship, no beating, no abuse, no domestic violence. Just one little happy family, until one bad turn of adultery and everything changes in an instant. Aliyah was on her way home when her dad found mom in bed with another man. Out of rage he beats the man and mom jumps in and the man hits her by accident, dad seeing that gets him in a position enough to kill. As aliyah walks in the door she hears the rufus and goes to her parents room to find her dad on another man nearly killing him. She screams "Dad get off of him! You are going to kill him." He calms down and let the man go. The little girl had never seen her father so angry, and had never been scared of him, until that day. Days go by, mom and dad still argue about what happened. Mom sleeps in the quest room for those days until dad decides to kick her out. That day Aliyah came to and empty house, she did not know what to do. She called her grandma, but she didn’t answer. She called her mom, no answer, her dad, no answer. She was home alone for 5 hours until her dad got there crying and drunk. She helped him get into bed and slept in the same room as him to make sure he did not fall or die in his sleep. The next day she does not attend school, because her dad has a hangover and cannot drive her to school. She helped

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