Children 's Home Is A Private Non Profit Organization

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On November 19th, I visited the Children’s home of Cincinnati for my introduction to Social Work Class. Before this experience, I was uncertain of what the Children’s home was and unaware of the services they provided. I was very impressed with all the services and programs they offer. The Children’s home is a private non-profit organization that strives to make a difference in each child’s life every day. They provided services to at-risk children with behavior, social or learning challenges. They help children through community-based and on-campus services. Social workers, case managers and teachers all work together to focus on the children. They provide many services to the children, such as the behavioral health treatment, education …show more content…

The licensed counselor is often a social worker that has a master’s degree and the case managers only require a bachelor’s degree. The offer an early childhood treatment counseling program for children ages two through eight, as well as a community-based program for adolescents who struggle with mental health and substance abuse. There also is a service that counsels the guardians of the children. The Children’s Home also offers day treatments that are all on campus and separated by age for children who display emotional or behavioral difficulties. Another service that The Children’s home of Cincinnati offers is their education services. They provide an alternative school for children Kindergarten through twelve grade who experience behavioral and learning challenges. The classrooms are much smaller, around six per class instead of around thirty which can be much more beneficial and productive to the student. This program allows children who have troubles in a traditional school setting the ability to succeed and grow. For the educational programs, the children must have an IEP and a referral from their district. While touring, we saw the stage of where the children perform their yearly play, which is part of the theatre arts program the Children’s home offers. We also had the opportunity to tour the skills lab, which is for student’s grades seventh through twelfth. It was intriguing to see how they prepared the

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